Massage Leeds

Do you ever wonder why massage therapy has been with us since time immemorial? It is because of its benefits. Your body gets to relax, functions at its optimal level, and you prevent a plethora of diseases and conditions. There are so many benefits of having a massage, but that is a topic for another day.   For those in Leeds, UK and appreciate a good massage; this post will detail for you 5 of the best places you can go to. That is not all; you will also get to know some of the most popular massage techniques and how massaging came to be, and what the future holds for it. Brace yourself for an exciting read, because that is what this article promises you.

Top 5 places for a relaxing massage in Leeds

  1. - Over 110 5-star reviews

Pain is a harsh condition for anyone to live with, and no one deserves to go through such a harrowing experience a single more day. That is why Sports Massage Leeds should be your next stop today. Having been in the science of relieving pain for years, sports massage Leeds is the pacesetter when it comes to massage therapy. Situated in the city and easily accessible even for those visiting the city for the first time, you will have no trouble with directions.   With highly trained and seasoned therapists and top-shelf masseurs, your massage needs would never be in better hands. This place specialises in sports injuries and back pains. Once you step in here, you will be thoroughly assessed before the appropriate pain therapy is prescribed. The specialists are so good at what they do that your pain will be significantly reduced after the first treatment.   With operation hours running from 8 am to 8:30 pm Monday through Friday, and 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays; you have no scheduling excuse whatsoever not to pay this place a visit. Testimony from those who have been here and still keep coming rate this spot as among the best in Leeds. It is a highly recommended place for a massage, and you should have no doubt walking through their doors.



After a busy week of work, you deserve a relaxing massage as a way of getting ready for a slow weekend. There is no better place for your wish to come true than at city massage Leeds. Here is where you can leave all your stress and come out re-energized ready for another working week.  The masseurs at this place know exactly what your body needs. They know how to work on every joint and muscle to revitalize your body.

Their specialties revolve around sports, holistic and deep tissue massages. If you are not sure what you need, the friendly staff will take you through orientation, and you will leave with a ton of knowledge in massaging.

From reviews by visitors to this massage haven, this is the top place you should head to with all sorts of tissue and muscle complains. You will be treated to a holistic massage if your entire body is in dire need of kneading to release stress. If yours are problems with joint, muscle and posture problems; the deep tissue massage will be a great prescription for the day. If you are into sports and nursing a nasty injury, you better get here and ask for the sports massage.

Reviewers rate this place as the best massage spots in Leeds. You should not live hearing these rumors when all you can do is make an appointment and be part of the fantastic experience. The good news is that you can book a date online or if you prefer calling, this is the number to call: 0113 320 3767

3. Rosa Thai Massage

When you are in Leeds, and you are looking for that Thai massage fix, Rosa Thai Massage is the place for you. Locals and visitors alike seem not to have enough of this spot. Their massage treats come in an amazing pair that will leave your body full of energy and rare freshness.

First in their plate is traditional Thai massaging. These are simple, but effective body poses to let your muscles and joints loosen up. It is like yoga except that you will not be putting too much of an effort into it.   The second serve is a combination of deep tissue and holistic massage. Your body will be sparingly smeared with a rare type of tiger balm, and your muscles will spin into a free fall swing. You can literally feel the tension leaving your muscles.

The rooms here are part of the therapy since they will make you feel at home. The rooms are purposely designed and decorated to take away any stress and let your mind drift into your wild imaginations. Couples’ massages are also on offer just in case you need the company of your partner.

4. Circle 8 Massage 

For sports massage in Leeds, Circle 8 Massage has no peers. This parlour at the heart of the city boasts of a strategic spot on Call Lane. While that gives you easy access, wait until you get inside and you will be blown away by what goes on behind the walls.

The specialty here is on sports massage. Bring your sore and stiff muscles here, and you will leave without a single knot on any of them. The team is under the capable leadership of Tom and Ant, who will make sure that you get an analysis of your difficult before anything else.   What follows is an extensive and focused sports massage that will leave your muscles relaxed and fresh.

Everything is done with a lot of care so do not be surprised if you take a nap every time you come for a session. You will also get advice on how to take care of yourself after the massage. If muscle knots are limiting your sports prowess, Circle 8 Massage is the bolt hole you should come to.

5. Spa and Fitness Thorpe-Park  

Are you looking for an excuse to get away from the bustling at the core of the city? You just got one in Thorpe Park Spa. Situated on the city’s outskirt, it feels like a million miles from the noise and rush at the city centre. As you wait at the chilling out area taking calculated sips of flavoured or plain water, you feel like the healing process has begun.

When your turn comes, you will be spoiled for choice. Do you begin with a thrilling hot stone massage or do you go with the scalp, back and face massage? While you make up your mind, you can choose what ESPA oils you want to be used on you. Once all these decisions are made, it is time for the masseuse to work on your body until all the tightness and stress disappears in thin air.

If you are not in a hurry to leave and want to stick for the imaginary moment to last, the adjacent restaurant will readily serve your favorite bite. It should not come as a surprise if you decide to be skipping the city each weekend to come here.

Massage techniques

There is a score of massage techniques, and knowing some of the popular ones will make the decision easier on your end. Here are some of the techniques you should know about:

Deep tissue massage 

This is an intense technique focused on the deeper tissues. It is done in slow strokes and utilizes friction to ease pain and muscle tightness. As intense as it might be, it is relatively a painless experience. In case of any pain, you should let your therapist know

Thai Massage 

As the name suggests, this technique has its origin from the Far East, specifically Thailand. It is a combination of press massage, passive stretches, and assistive yoga. The yoga part will not require you to do the work that requires much effort. Due to this unique and rare blend, Thai massage is the most energizing form. It helps the body overcome stress and leave you with a more flexible body. One funny fact about Thai massage is that it is done while you have all your clothes on. It is known to alleviate back pain, significantly improve your body balance, and reduce migraine symptoms.

The future of the massage

For the last 5 decades, massage therapy has been gathering tremendous momentum, especially in the west. There is an increasing public demand for therapeutic massage as people now realize the benefits of massage. The incorporation of massage therapy into western medicine may be at its infancy stage, but there is quite a buzz around the subject. Massive numbers of studies are now being done on massage as a form of alternative medicine, and the inquiries around the subject are hitting a record-high rate. In North America and many countries in Europe, therapeutic massage has become a part of daily lifestyle. It is right to say that the future is bright for massage therapy as wellness centers and individual citizens are now more keen to make it part of their daily life.

Well, if you are in Leeds and having trouble choosing the best place for a massage; the first two choices in this list make a great decision. It is time you take stress off your body and allow it to function at the highest level. If it is a full or sports body massage in Leeds, you now know where it is done, don’t you? And that is not all; you also know some of the massage techniques you can sample and a brief history of how it all came to be.