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The moment I lie down on the massage table, I feel better


Would you like an Amazing and Enriching massage? 

After an appointment at City Massage Leeds you will feel relaxed, invigorated and refreshed and ready to face the world again! Our experienced, professional masseurs offer a wide range of treatments at our City Centre salon.

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The following treatments have been carefully selected by our staff for your pleasure:

Holistic massage

Holistic massages are our speciality and are our most popular treatment by far. Living in a busy world, we all need to de-stress on a regular basis.  Stress impacts your body mentally and physically, and our holistic massage will luxuriously smooth away your cares and worries.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Our Deep Tissue Massage will realign your deepest layers of muscles and connective tissue and is especially beneficial for tense areas. With more pressure applied our masseurs will reach the deepest layers of muscle for maximum relief.

Deep tissue massage is often used for:

Chronic Muscle Pain, Tension or Spasm
Limited Mobility
Joint Problems
Postural Problems
Diminished Muscle Strength or Movement
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Sports Massage

Sports Massage is the best way to speed up your recovery from any sports or non-sports related injury. Many of our customers are professional and amateur sports enthusiasts who include our Sports Massage treatments in their weekly training routine.

For more informations about our Sports Massage Treatments click here - SPORTS MASSAGE LEEDS